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More concept art

Due to scheduling conflicts, there will not be a podcast this week. Instead, I’ll post another sample of the concept comic book art I’ve been working on for my upcoming project. The comic draws heavily on film noir themes, with a slight sci-fi twist. It’s a short story, clocking in between 50 and 70 pages. It features a female lead character and… uh… other stuff. I can’t really say more than that right now. I’m still working out many of… Continue


Facebook new algorithm and you

A lot has been said about Facebook’s new algorithm – mostly bad. I’m not going to spend an hour waxing nostalgic on the “good ol’ days of the platform” and I’m not going to defend Facebook’s new algorithm (though I think the page owner dismay has gotten a bit out of hand in recent weeks). Instead, I’m going to talk about my own experiences, both good and bad. You see, I own and operate two sites that consume the majority… Continue

Vivian Concept Art

Concept art – upcoming project

I’ve spent the past several months writing projects, shelving them, and starting newer, smaller projects. Due to time constraints, I haven’t felt comfortable starting a 150+ page project and wanted to dip my toe in the water with smaller, more manageable projects while I position myself financially to work on longer projects in the future. Of course, once I get into a story concept, it’s really hard not to expand upon the idea until it’s a full-fledged story. Originally, this… Continue

Daenerys Targaryen Watercolor

Daenerys Targaryen Watercolor

I haven’t had a ton of time to draw or paint lately, as I’ve been overwhelmed with website development work that has kept me away from the art table, digital or analog. I’m also working on a *very* short story concept that I hope to begin drawing in the next few weeks… I figure that even I can continue working on a project long enough to complete a meager 24 page story. While I work out the kinks on my… Continue