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Choosing the right comic format, Pt 1

One of the hardest things as a web designer and developer is explaining to clients “it might look great on your screen but it’s going to look like rubbish to 20% of your users, illegible for another 15%, decent for 40%, and fantastic for 25%”. As modern web designers, we’re inundated with more technologies and methods of viewing our work than at any time before and the number of devices, screen sizes, resolutions, and screen orientations only seem to be… Continue


FallCon 2013

I wanted to thank everyone who came by my booth for the one-day event that is FallCon 2013. Hosted on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds every October, FallCon is the little brother of the two-day SpringCon event hosted every May by the Midwest Comic Book Association. As usual, the MCBA delivered the goods, offering creators free space to host a table, free food, and the best collection of volunteers on the planet. Really, I can’t rave about this con enough. Every… Continue


DIY Printing: It’s Cheaper Than You Think

2012 is going to be my first year of tabling at conventions for my webcomic work and over the summer, don’t be surprised if you see multiple stories of my experiences (and failures) at figuring out how to best go about the convention process as an exhibitor. One of the first problems I encountered during my pre-convention preparation was that of print-making. Comics themselves, well, there’s only one real choice for those of us getting started: digital offset offered by the… Continue

San Diego Comic Con – I Hardly Knew Ye

I was able to attend the latest San Diego Comic Con for a single day (Friday) before moving on to attend my podcast co-host’s wedding north of Los Angeles on Saturday. Having never attended SDCC for less than three days in the past, I was startled by just how little of the convention one can cover in a single day. I walked the show floor a couple of times, was able to attend one (just one… sigh) panel on coloring… Continue