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Summertime Hiatuses & News

I know the past couple of weeks have been spotty with updates on SelfCentEnt. I had computer issues (a failed SSD that required a full format and reinstall of the operating system) and then a passing in the family that required an unexpected trip out of town, which caused much of the work on the comic and podcast to cease for nearly two weeks. After struggling to maintain a difficult update schedule in the comic and podcast, I thought it… Continue

SpringCon 2013 – Thanks, Everybody!

I had a great weekend at MCBA SpringCon and got to meet a few readers, do a few sketches and commissions, and sold a ton of prints. I’m looking forward to having actual *comics books* to sell at FallCon this October (also organized by the MCBA and hosted at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds) but for this event, my table was limited to prints and sketches. As usual, the MCBA organizers treat their creative guests like royalty, helping out in any… Continue

SpringCon 2013 – Come Visit!

It’s that time of year again… Convention season! While Aurorae and the Counter-Culture Comic Podcast are still in their relative infancies, I’m reeling back the amount of conventions I will table in the near future until I’ve established enough content to begin printing books. With that said, I’ll be tabling at the MCBA SpringCon event on May 18-19 in St. Paul, MN on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds property. I’ve attended both of the MCBA events in the past (SpringCon, FallCon)… Continue

Web Design & Online Comics Pt. 2

I originally planned for part two of this series to be about CSS and HTML, but after reading through some comments and questions on various forums around the Interwebs, I realized that advertising might be the most under-utilized aspect of webcomic sites. As I scour through various sites, I notice an overwhelming number of people rely on some of the worst-paying ad networks and ad sizes available to a site owner. First the basics. Do you want to run ads… Continue